Miniature Books About Books

My miniature book collection.

Miniature book collecting is an occupation that can quickly take over your life. Miniature books cover a great range of time periods, geographical regions, and subjects. To restrain my collecting impulses, I only collect non-dollhouse miniature books if they fall into one of my other areas of interest, such as women bibliophiles, imaginary books, or books about books.

My Miniature Book Collection: 

Bahar, Ann. Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House Library. Scotland: Gleniffer Press, 1991.

A description of the library in Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House. British authors were invited to contribute handwritten texts, either original works or excerpts of their published works, to be bound by Sangorski and Sutcliffe. Contributors included J.M. Barrie, A.A. Milne, Edith Wharton, and more.

Bellas, Patricia H. Women Printers in Early Maryland. Baltimore: Xavier Press, 1991.

Biographical sketches of Dinah Nuthead, Anne Catherine Green, and Mary Katherine Goddard, three early women printers in Maryland. Includes fold-out examples of their work.

Blumenthal, Walter Hart. Book Gluttons and Book Gourmets: With a Digression on Hungry Authors. Black Cat Press, 1961.

Anecdotes of book collectors and bibliomaniacs.

Blumenthal, Walter Hart. Formats and Foibles: A Few Books Which Might Be Called Curious. Worcester, Mass.: Achillle J. St. Onge, 1956.

Unusual book formats, such as jeweled bindings, books bound in human skin, and pop-ups.

Cheney, William M. Types in the Cases of William M. Cheney. Los Angeles: Dawson’s Book Shop, 1961.

Book of type specimens.

Collins, Evron S. Grande Dame. Cincinnati: Miniature Book Society, 2003.

 Biographical sketch of Ruth Adomeit, noted miniature book collector known as the “Grande Dame of Miniature Books.” Her collection is now held by the Lilly Library.

Dawson, Glen. Paper Samples: 1966. Los Angeles: W. Cheney, 1966.

Paper samples (toilet paper) collected by Glen Dawson during a trip to Europe in 1966.

Gladstone, William Ewart. On Books and the Housing of Them. Stephen Byrne at The Final Score, 2004.

A miniature edition of Gladstone’s tract on book shelving, first published in 1890. I first read about this work in Anne Fadiman’s Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader, in a chapter titled “The P.M.’s Empire of Books.”

Klinefelter, Walter. The Fortsas Bibliohoax. Evanston, Illinois: Press of Ward Schori, 1992.

A miniature edition of Klinefelter’s book about the famous Fortsas Bibliohoax. The regular size version is in my collection of books about imaginary books.

Lewis, James. Mrs. Doheny’s Bookplate. South Freeport, Maine: Ascensius Press, 2009.

The story of the bookplate used by Carrie Estelle Doheny, the famous book collector. Includes a example of the leather bookplate.

Massmann, Robert E. Booboos and Typos: Discovered in Book Catalogs. REM Miniatures, 1985.

A collection of humorous typos excerpted from book catalogs.

Massmann, Robert E. The Werm Turns. REM Miniatures, 1983.

Advice on dealing with troublesome library patrons, including thieves, mutilators, book hiders, book markers, and noisemakers.

Massmann, Robert E. Ye Olde Librarian’s Curse. REM Miniatures, 1989.

A curse on “him who stealeth a book from this library.”

Petty, G. Harvey, compiler. Books: Sayings, Apothegms, Maxims, Epigrams. 

A collection of quotes about books.

Rickard, Kathryn I. A Lady and Her Books: The Biography of Doris Varner Welsh. Montreal: Roger Huet, Editions du Parnasse, 1988.

A biography of Doris Varner Welsh, a collector and printer of miniature books.

Rickard, Kathryn I. My Adventures in Minibibliomania. Cobleskill, N.Y.: KIR, 1996.

Reminiscences of the miniature collector Kathryn I. Rickard.

Sweet, Pat. The Book Book. Riverside, Calif.: Bo Press, 2010.

A reference for book lovers, providing labeled examples of parts of the book binding and printed text.

Sweet, Pat. The Great Bookworm Race. Riverside, Calif.: Bo Press, 2011.

A pop-up book in newspaper style, describing a bookworm race.

Sweet, Pat. This Is Not a Book. Riverside, Calif.: Bo Press, 2010.

Cover designs for imaginary books.

Weber, Francis J. C. E. D. “The Lady.” Junipero Serra Press, 1988.

About the collector Carrie Estelle Doheny and an example of her bookplate.

Weber, Francis J. Queen Mary’s Miniature Library. Junipero Serra Press, 1992.

Another book describing the library of Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House.


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